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Originally Posted by Spanky8601 View Post
Make sure that when you get to an oral panel, if asked, that you take responsibility for your actions, explain what you have learned and how you have changed your driving behavior. Do not make excuses.

It wont disqualify you, but be prepared to explain in the interview. I would advise that you drive like grandma in a Prius until you graduate from the academy tho.

Background investigators & the interview panel dont expect you to be perfect. What they want to see is that you have learned from your mistakes and wont repeat them.

Heed this: DO NOT omit anything from your background package. Lying about or omitting anything WILL get you DQ'd without exception.

The background investigators are no joke. If its there, they will find it.

Take the application process seriously. Treat it as a full time job. Do your homework, prepare. Give 100%.

Good luck


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