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Originally Posted by johnny1290 View Post
OK just a quick update...I tore apart the duds. Definitely there was powder stuck to everything, even clumpy in some places. Most of them when I pulled the bullet and emptied the powder I couldn't identify the primer due to the powder stuck to it. Definite oil migration to the pocket.

Here's some pics. I have more primers than bullets so I guess I'll yank them, clean em, and load with fresh primers. Sucks but what can you do.

I tried cleaning out the primer and can't tell if it went off or not. My guess is no.

I still have yet to try the rounds with bottomed out primers seating. I'll keep you posted.

I posted the update because I don't want to blame Wolf for my own dumb mistakes

I could only capture two , but the primers were actually worse than it looks in the photo LOL

What you have in the clumping is an incomplete burn. The inconsistent lots of Wolf primers sort of go off causing this. If you look at the clumped powder under a magnifying glass you'll see that the gray deterrent coating is partially burned off. It's the primers.
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