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Default I prefer to love animals now. My brother does not.

Ive decided to quit hunting animals. I decided today to not hunt animals and to simply make friends with all wildlife. I walked out into the woods and hugged the first animal I found. We had a bonding moment and then we both went about our day.

I find hugging wildlife to be just as rewarding as hunting. It is cleaner, liberals like it and I get that warm fuzzy feeling like when I make friends with potentially dangerous animals. Im going to be guiding "hugging" hunts here in the future (joke). If anybody is interested in scratching your liberal itch to be "one" with nature feel free to give me a call.

My brother decided not to make friends with animals today and had a one sided fight with this animal. I believed this animal actually wanted to make friends with my brother but he disagreed so we are going to discuss this further this evening over a porkchop dinner

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