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Originally Posted by kaligaran View Post
I think we're all happy to have gotten in on it at this point. Even 80% lowers seem to be near impossible to find at this point.
A bunch of my friends and I got together for a group buy of 80% lowers through Ares Armor. We were told to get the order in by Fri/Sat before Xmas to make sure we got delivery by APRIL. We got together Fri evening, got all the payments turned over to the one guy who organized the buy (25-28 lowers total), so he could get the order/payment finalized on Sat morning... Then this crap ensued:

Originally Posted by Friend handing the order/payment
Dec 22nd: "They said they won't be charging me until they get their credit card (crap) straightened out. PayPal canceled their account yesterday when they realized it was firearms related."

Then Dec. 27th: "Their credit card company didn't like being involved in the tsunami of firearms related transactions and pulled their services just like PayPal did. They're getting a new company set up and once that is done, it will take them a few days to work through the nearly 900 pending orders they have sitting on hold."
Still waiting for the outcome.. CRAZY!

Originally Posted by dave_cg View Post
Waiting, waiting...... not impatient, just smiling and waiting.
I'm right there with you!

Meanwhile, since I'm building a .50 Beowulf and dedicated 22LR with my two CGF lowers, I picked up a set of pink Magpul furniture at Metal Dog Tactical for the 22LR.
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