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In for 3 15W + 2 10W

Questions: Can I come to the build party and have the major machining done, but have all the engraving (incl serial #s and all that) done at a later date? Or does completing the lower require that all the info to be added at the same time? From one of your other threads, it looks like it's not necessary unless I want to sell in the future, but I wanted to check since they count as a firearm once the lower is complete, right?

Are the lowers compatible with pretty much any non-QD uppers? I'm assuming that the 15 lowers are pretty much milspecs aside from the obvious like the trigger guard. How about the 10's? Are they finicky about which DPMS uppers fit, like more high-end "match" types or any will fit correctly?

Also, are your jigs compatible with any 80% lowers in case I wanted to use them on non-QD products in the distant future? (blasphemy I know, just wanted to know if they can be a long term investment)

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