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HI, my name is david and im 21 years old. I also am applying for CHP this coming up month and was wandering if some of my traffic violation would disqualify me or put me at a major disadvantage. This year I received a speeding tickets, stop sign ticket and was involved in 1 car accident which was my fault. Prior to these 3 thing i only received 1 cell phone ticket when i was 17 years old. I have no criminal record at all and have not used drugs. i have been working as a armed security guard for the past 2 years and taken couple law enforcement corses such as my pc832. I could go on more about thing ive been doing to prepare myself but i will cut to the point. Is there any chance that my goods can outweigh by bads? or are traffic violations something i just have to wait for until their off my record?
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