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The Bic lighters are much better than the "no name" knockoffs. Bics have much less tendency to leak when stored for long periods. Worth the extra dollar, IMHO.

I use the Rutland "Fire Starter Squares" from TSC for lighting my pellet stove. Basically paraffin-impregnated cardboard. Very cheap and easier to store than bags of lint. I have a few boxes of them vacuum sealed in my BOBs and vehicles. Strike-anywhere matches, too.

Don't forget a magnifying glass/sun as a fire starter, too. Somewhere, I have a credit card-size Fresnel lens. I wish I could find it.

Road flares are getting hard to find around here. TSC has them, but I have so far been unwilling to cough up $4 for each.
Just taking up space in the second-worst small town in California.

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