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Default We're gearing up!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the NRA is already working with those who operate the gun show to coordinate a strong response to this proposed action. The law firm of Michel & Associates, PC has been brought in to represent the gun show’s and gun owners’ interests in continuing the Glendale Gun Show.

The last time this same councilman proposed to ban the gun show in 2006, the NRA had Michel & Associates, PC submit a pre-litigation demand letter and scores of members attend the city council meeting, which actions resulted in the matter being removed from the agenda before even being discussed. The NRA intends to take similar action again.

I notice that several of you have pledged to volunteer to assist in fighting this attack on our liberty. We appreciate your support and I will likely be in touch with you all in the near future. Until then, please standby for further instructions. I will announce any actions you all can help with on this thread when the time comes, but not too early. Also, be sure to sign up for e-mail alerts from us by CLICKING HERE and entering your email address.

This might turn into quite a large effort and we will appreciate the efforts of all of you who wish to become involved. The only thing I'm asking of you at this point in time is to work with us in a coordinated manner so that we can maximize our effectiveness.

I will not go into detailed specifics, at this time, because it would only assist those who are against us and our efforts to protect the gun show in Glendale. As we all know, the anti-gun extremists and political opportunists who seek fame and political advancement (via the blood of our nation's children) read this and other web sites. I will not tell them our strategy and/or tactics in advance!

If you wish to be an active part of NRA's team in this effort:
Thanks in advance. This is promising to be a very challenging year!

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