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Default New S&W 686P needs exam

Yo Sac Area Calgunners!

I just picked up a new S&W 686P, I bought it online via Gunbroker from a small east coast dealer. It was listed as NIB (new in box) Factory New. I have previously owned a 686 and remember how that gun was excellent, trigger pull dbl/action was great, cylinder lock easy to open, cylinder rotation/spin seemed like it want to just spin & spin, cylinder relock snapped back in easy, closed smoothly. I haven't fired the gun yet. The new 686 is just the opposite the characteristics listed above. The trigger pull is hard, the cylinder thumb release pushes ok but have to use force to get the cylinder to open every time. The cylinder sometimes falls out easily and other times needs pressure that is more than normal. The cylinder spin is only a few revolutions and seems tight, doesn't want to spin. Closing the cylinder requires force and is not smooth. This 686 is no comparison to my previous 686 I had with very fond memories of a great S&W weapon.

Can someone recommend a Gun Smith in the greater Sacramento area that either specializes in S&W guns, or is a wheel gun pro, that can write up an evaluation of this gun (for a fee of course).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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