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Got thru to the CA DOJ and chatted with a very pleasant gentleman with the BOF who informed me that if you get a delay letter it simply means they are completely backed up and that it is not a denial. I asked for a guesstimate on how long the delay would be and he replied that they "hope" to be caught up by the middle of January. Since that is really close to being 30 days on my dros I asked him if I would have have to resubmit my dros if the delay lasted longer than January 15th and his reply was that right now the 30 day clock is stopped on all "delayed" dros applications, so no I will not be required to resubmit the dros even if it goes into February.

Not sure what all that really means, but I thought I'd pass along the info I that CA DOJ is telling folks.

Hope this helps.

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