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Originally Posted by GettoPhilosopher View Post
Thanks! I know a project like this is always a series of tradeoffs. But I was interested in what tricks can be used to reduce recoil irrespective of weight (LMOS, brake, buffer, adjustable gas block, etc), and what people are doing to reduce weight.

I basically want a 16" mid or rifle gassed (308 dissy?!?) midweight battle rifle, featureless (so I can use prebans), running a TA11x. Sort of a lighter-end battle rifle, with recoil/muzzle rise as manageable as I can make it.

But that project's going to be a while.
That's pretty much where i was going with mine. I went with a 16" barrel, CF handguard, magpul CTR stock and nickel BCG. I still plan to put a TA11E on it eventually, but mine empty weighs just under 9 pounds. its for sure heavier than a .223 but its not too bad. weighs about the same as a Benelli M4. running a mid length gas system as well.
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