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Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
Legal to do so, under CA & Federal laws.
This is absolutely correct. It is 100% legal, and I do it multiple times per week dropping off and picking up my kids.

If your issuing agency puts a restriction that is actually printed on your permit that says otherwise, then you must obey or risk losing your license should they ever find out (extremely unlikely).

Given that both the Federal and state GFSZ statues define the "zone" as an area extending 1000 feet from school property, it makes perfect sense that we must be exempt.

Without this exemption, we would be in violation almost constantly when doing nothing more than driving our vehicle through town. Schools are everywhere. Heck, I live within 100 feet of one. While my property is exempt, the street in front of my home is not.

If we weren't exempt, I'd be in violation walking to the mailbox and every other time I stepped off my property.
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