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Originally Posted by bodie38 View Post
According to the article above, since I brought my guns into CA in 1995 (before 1998), I do not have to register the pistol.
Is that a reasonable interpretation?
The pistol's original magazine holds 13 rounds. I understand that to be legal since it was here prior to 2000. Correct?
Yes, you are correct. Your pistol need not be registered and the magazine(s) that you brought in with it are all legal to possess.

As to the rifle, calling DOJ as recommended above is not a good idea as they aren't known for giving out accurate and reliable info. Here is the flowchart that should help you determine whether it is an "assault weapon" or not. If you determine that it is an illegal "assault weapon", you can contact a firearms attorney to get advice on what you should do with it.
Gun law complexity got you down? Get the FAQs, Jack!

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