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Originally Posted by LibertyDeath View Post
Did you register the SKS with the State of CA before the AWB deadline? If not then it needs to fall out of the guidelines of CA definition of an AW or you have been committing a crime for 12 years.
Quite frankly you should be contacting the CADOJ for a definitive answer.
Not, it isn't registered. I've never even fired it. It's still new. I never knew it might be illegal until a few weeks ago when I started looking at getting an ar and found out about all the crazy CA rules. I know ignorance isn't an excuse but I never would have expected it would be illegal.

I looked at the list of assault weapons provided by Trickster and it's not that because there is no bayonet or lug. I'm just not sure what is meant by modified. Mine was designed and built to use detachable ak mags. It cannot use normal Sks mags.
I will follow up with the other advice provided.
Thanks for all the input!
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