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After reading SandDiegoDuner's write up, I thought that I should inform everyone that the SDPD Range is for handguns only, no rifle or shotgun....other than that, read on!

For anyone that is not a newb, you must have range experience, the San Diego Police Range is a GREAT place to shoot. It's outdoors, under a canopy roof so bad weather isn't an issue, no filtered air to breathe....and it's a mere $10 for the entire day, no hourly rates at all.

There are 40 positions on the 25 yard line, but there are about 6 that are out of service temporarily. There is an underground tunnel to get to the targets, so no shut downs for scoring or putting up targets.

The target area is in the 'pit', which is below ground, but open to the sky. The targets are all on weighted pulleys, so you simply remember the number above the shooting position on the firing line and put your target on the corresponding pulley, and away you go. No cease fires, no range time outs, nothing but shooting at your pace, all day long for $10.

The one draw back is that it is only 25 yards, no other distance is allowable. I know that some folks just aren't comfortable at the distance.

I believe that the hours are from 09:00 to 15:00 daily except Tuesdays. Never a waiting line as long as I have been going there, which is about 10 years. Most folks that I have seen on any given Saturday morning (when I usually shoot) for at last 5 years has been in the mid-teens....including myself.

They do have memberships available for I think $240 annually, $120 for senior over 62. They have soda machines and a few snacks if needed. Pellet rifle matches on most Sundays too.

Yes, it's called the San Diego Police Revolver Club, but it's open to the public, has always been since I can remember, which is 1974 when I visited there my first time. Oh, and your $10 fee gets you two targets to boot!

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