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Default Quentin Defense AR15+AR10 80% group buy. CLOSED

PLEASE READ this entire post before ordering.

I'm creating this thread right now due to the massive amount of PM's I've been getting from people wanting to order these. Typically I would wait to start another group buy untill after the build party is done and everyone received their orders from the current group buy. I think doing this now will help everyone get their stuff with a significantly shorter wait time.

Please don't PM me your order. I will get it here off the thread as soon as I can and add it to the list in post #2 or #3.

Regarding payment:
Please include your CGN user name, what group you are in, and your shipping adress with your payment! Please also note what you are paying for example: qty. 2 15A + 1 10W = 2 AR15 anodized 80% and 1 AR10 white 80%. This will help make it easier for me to track everything.

USPS MO Payments (no personal checks or other money orders please)
can be mailed to:
Aimsmall Arms, Inc.
197 Woodland Pkwy, Ste 104
San marcos, ca 92069-3020.


Chase quick pay: Requires the SENDER to have a chase account but they don't charge the 4% fee that paypal does and they don't have an anti gun policy. You can now send payments to me via Chase quick pay at Please add $1 if using this option.
Thank you.

Order #1
I've already placed a tentative order for this group buy so ETA will be way faster then the current 6 month backorder everyone is seeing right now. ETA at this time for this group is Late March-Early April. Payments for this group are due by 2-9-13

Order#2 is now closed.
QD is already aware of this order however Order #1 will be filled and shipped first so everyone in the first group doesn't have to wait for the second groups parts to be made. This will only speed up the process for the first group and shouldn't make it take longer for the second group then it would have been had I done one larger order. ETA at this time for this group is May-early June (confirmed).
Payments for this group are due by 4-5-13 ASAP

Order#3 currently has space available for new orders! Payments must be made promptly after placing your order.
Please be prepared to wait for your order if you are going to opt in to this group. ETA at this time for this group is late July- early August.
Payments for this group are due by 6-1-13

I plan to make a list of everyone who pays at the bottom of each group, the lists will go in order of who pays first, down to who pays last. As people drop from the list in group one, since the order has already been placed and will need to be paid for, I will move people from group 2 in order of who paid first up to group one. I expect the same thing to happen with group 2 cancellations after I place the order where group 3 guys are getting bumped up to group 2.

I thought about doing the "bumps" in order of who opted in first but once I start editing to show payment status it will be impossible for me to know who opted in before who without reading the thread. I have done a lot of group buys and I have a system that works for me, while it is always possible to change the system as needed I feel that the way I do it is the easiest and most accurate way I can do it therefore I do not wish to change it. I hope everyone is happy with this system, for those who are not I appologize, I'm doing the best I can to make everyone happy.

Billet Quentin AR15 80%'s are currently $105 each shipped. Anodized AR15 80%'s are also available and will add $5 per lower. Price has gone up by $5 since the last GB, the reason for this is because I am anticipating a few things that will increase my cost to make the group buys happen and I don't want to cut myself short. If you want in say how many you need here on the thread, white or anodized, and I'll add you to the list.

AR15 80% lower Jigs
These are the best jigs produced to date they fit both billet and forged AR15 80%'s and come with the 3 top guide plates, 4 locating pins and detailed instructions. These jigs have the steel drill guide inserts and are taller then all the other jigs out there for the trigger guard on billet lowers. Retail is $140 group buy price is $110 shipped to you. These will ship with your order when your groups order comes in.

I only have 100 AR15 Jigs available and we are starting to get close to that, there's still some left but they are going fast so I wanted to let everyone know that once we hit 100 that's gonna be it for this order. Ok, I solved the "100 jig problem" so now they are available to everyone, they will ship with your other parts when your groups order comes in.

AR10 jigs Now available, Retail will be $150 group buy price is $120. These jigs are designed to work with QD and TM .308's. Here is a link to the tutorial on how to use the Aimsmall Arms .308 jig.

March-April build party date will be announced in a few weeks. Group buy participants will be able to sign up for the build party 24 hours before anyone else can. The 24 hour early sign up time and date will be announced well in advance on this thread so nobody misses out. BP thread for related info, this one is full... Please note that AR15 fees are now at $85 per lower...

Rorge Retson's group anodizing event thread. PM Rorge Retson or go to the thread with any questions for this event.

Guys in group #1
Final order for group #1 has been sent to QD, changes to your order will be difficult at this point as I can not make any further changes to the order I have placed with QD.

Please include your CGN user name, what group you are in, and your shipping address with your payment! Please also note what you are paying for example: qty. 2 15A + 1 10W = 2 AR15 anodized 80% and 1 AR10 white 80%. This will help make it easier for me to track everything.

CNC thread...

Please ask questions here if it's something I should have covered but missed. PM me for more unique types of questions that don't really pertain to everyone else.

Here's a pic of the lowers.

Here's an anodized 100% reciever (shown only for visual referance, I do not sell 100% lowers.)

And the other side

AR10 80%'s are $155 shipped to you, add $5 if you want them anodized black. Same details in post #1 apply to these.

I know people are going to ask about jigs so I'll just say it right now, the Quentin AR10's haven't fit into any of the jigs that we have tested so far. I have been able to make the jigs myself and they are available for use but I don't have them for sale yet, PM me for details. Compatible with DPMS style 308 uppers and magazines. I know others have been able to modify TM jigs to work with these but we haven't done that.

QD10 jigs are now available for order, see post #1 for details.

*Pictures are for reference only, completed recievers are not for sale here*
KTO 1911 80% + Rock Island Parts Kits + Aimsmall arms 1911 Jig group buy OPEN

AR15+AR10 80% JIGS in stock

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