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Originally Posted by clowy699 View Post
I offered full asking price, seller pm'd back with cell # to work out details.....multiple tries with pm and calls....seller is now MIA....and he has logged on since i called and pm'd based on the date of last edit of his post.......dont know whats goin on....maybe somethin came up, maybe he decided to keep it....either way im out....
Whoa! pump your brakes cowboy!
You called twice, and both times cut the call short because you were at work or had to leave for work. The last call you made, you told me you would call me back when you got off work and that was the last time I heard from you.

Since YOU never followed through with a return call, I assumed you were not interested. If I had enough arms, hands and fingers to count the number of people that PM'd me and made offers and then never called back, I would be an octopus.

I have since moved on and am meeting with someone about a possible trade.

You snooze..... you lose I think is how the saying

If that deal falls through, I will post the pistol back up for sale. Thanks for your interest sir.
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