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Originally Posted by omgwtfbbq View Post
As far as the Pistol is concerned, there is a form available on the DOJ website I believe that you can print, fill out and then turn into an FFL along with your pistol. They will conduct a DROS and ten day waiting period and you will be charged a fee. I'm not sure how they what will have to be done with the magazines. Lawfully possessed magazines prior to the ban in 2000 can still be used in firearms, however, I'm not sure how that works with the military situation.

As far as the rifle is concerned, I'm not familiar enough with the model to give any informed advice.
The above info is inaccurate.

Regarding the pistol, you don't take it to an FFL. The form and fee is simply mailed to DOJ. Any hicap magazines you had in California before 2000 are fine.

As far as the rifle, I suggest that you send a private message to "Librarian" with the rifle info for a clear and accurate information.
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