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Thank you so much Wrangler John!

As a matter of fact, I'm using a RCBS hand primer I haven't used before. I tried re-seating the primers with that and it's as deep as its gonna go. AFAIK you can't adjust the seating depth. After reading your reply, I threw them in the Pro 1000 and used the seating ram to put them in just a scootch more. I wasn't *thrilled* with the seating depth from the hand primer. It seemed adequate, but I like to feel it completely bottomed out in the pocket, and that's what they felt like after doing that on the press.

The above photo were rounds I did second or third strikes on, FWIW.

I've got 50 rounds I hand primed, and 100 rounds press seated.

I hate to do it, but I may just have to go to the range and shoot them all off for testing!

Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Thanks for the tips on the dry lube and the pocket uniformer, etc. I just bought a Lyman primer pocket cleaner yesterday to give my hands a break from that itty-bitty lee one with no handle LOL I saw they have a uniformer there too, sigh, I guess I can pick that up too. I'll see if they have that case neck lube. Looks like a good idea. I kept getting my decaping pin popping out if I didn't lube the necks, and I hate resetting that thing.

Every time I think I don't need to buy any more stuff, there's more.

I'm going broke saving money! ;-)
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