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Default LEO advice requested

I did some searching but could not find a thread for my particular situation.

I am active duty military and a Texas resident. I have been stationed in California since 1995. When I first moved here, I owned a 9mm semi-auto pistol and a Norinco SKS-M and both have been in CA since 1995. I will be retiring soon and staying in California and have become aware that the rifle may be illegal and the pistol may need to be registered.

1. Do I need to register the pistol or is it too late? I am not currently a California resident but will have to become one after I retire.

2. Is the rifle illegal and if so is there a remedy? I now know the Roberti Roos list says "SKS with detachable magazine" but mine is a Norinco SKS-M which is not specifically on the list and would not qualify as an "assault weapon". It is completely stock/original and factory designed to only use AK style magazines, it has not been altered to accept AK magazines. It has no additional "assault weapon" features. It has the original Monte Carlo style wood stock (no thumbhole, pistol grip, folding or telescoping), no flash suppressor, no grenade launcher and no forward vertical grip. It is a wood stock semi-auto rifle with a detachable 5-rd magazine.

I don't want to be a felon but I don't want to give up my guns either. I'm also not a fan of being on a government list of gun owners but if that is part of the cost of living in CA then...
Thanks in advance,
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