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Originally Posted by Bill Steele View Post
I think you will be fine using the Titegroup, you just need to be fastidious in your approach.

The Lee Auto Disk is a very reliable drop, so once you get the weight dialed, you only need to assure nothing went wrong with the powder drop by looking into each case and verifying the powder is there and at the proper level. A nice LED desk lamp shined down in the case will allow you to see exactly what is in the case. A double charge will be apparent if you somehow do it. The Pro 1000 with the chain return is almost impossible to double charge if you fully cycle the lever each time.

Do one round at a time through the whole cycle until you get really comfortable with the operation of the press. If you get in the habit of checking the powder charge by looking into the case before setting the bullet, in no time if something is wrong alarm bells will go off in your head.

I have loaded many tens of thousands of handgun rounds on my Dillon 550B and have never had a squib or double charge, that press doesn't auto index like the Pro 1000, so you can do it. You just have to look.

Good luck, have fun.
I agree with loading one cycle at a time as well so you can learn the process and you will know what doesn't feel right. Another tip for avoiding double charges is to focus only on reloading and don't listen to the radio, watch tv, or try and have a conversation with anyone while reloading. If someone walks in or interrupts you, just stop what your doing and then start over once you are ready again. You can also double charge a case so you can see what it will look like, then immediately dump the double charged case in the hopper.
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