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Only having access to handguns and being in La Mesa, DGM has been pretty solid for me. Friendly people and fair prices. My only complaint isn't even a complaint but something that worries me when I shoot don't have to watch a video or take a quiz, but just sign the paper and if you haven't had experience this is where it gets tricky. My first time in there and first time shooting since I was a kid, I was a lil nervous, I asked for a run down on the 1911 I was gonna rent...I am just glad I had an ex service member who knew the ins and outs of the 1911. The guy behind the counter had problems loading the magazine, then had an issue with the various safeties, kinda felt he might of been new. When on the range my buddy gave me a full breakdown and I was good, so the lack of instruction thing Is what I think about when I see New people on the range. Luckily everytime I seem to get there, its experienced shooters, and lessons going on, Or in Santee ill get lane 3 in the private room which is also pretty cool. Friendly place though and that membership looks enticing. Thinking outdoor ranges would be cool to check out too though.

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