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Just my $0.02 but ASC is my least favorite place to shoot. Staff is rude, prices are higher than any other range I have been to and if you don't have a membership, be prepared to wait a long time... and I mean LONG! Regardless if you are next on the list, if a member makes a reservation over the phone, your wait only continues. On the weekend, you can expect to wait over 2 hours.

P2K is great, only because they have a 100 yard range, however the cease fires get old after a while. The best part about P2K is the Calguns outdoor shoots! Been to two of them and it's been an awesome experience to say the least. Getting to know fellow members, fire a huge array of different guns, and the last shoot, some film maker brought out ballistic gel heads and that was a BLAST!!!

My current favorite is the Dulzura Rod and Gun Club, also known as the South Bay Rod and Gun Club. All outdoors (which I prefer), up to 500 yards IIRC, courteous staff, mostly made up of old timers who can shoot the ***** with you for hours on end. They provide spotting scopes so you can see your target in the distance and there is no uniform Cease Fire. The Range Officers usually take notice if everyone is sitting and twiddling their thumbs and will ask if everyone is ready to call the cease fire and switch their targets. It's kind of a drive depending on where you live, however it's only about 15-20 minutes past P2K. I think it's definitely worth the trip and super fun if you make a whole day out of it!

Now what I'm wondering is where in SD can we go to shoot steel? I know BLM Land with your own steel targets, but I'm referring to a range that has the steel targets already set up. Anyone?!

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