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Default No joy with Wolf SR223 primers

I bought a ton of these to use with my Saiga .223. I tested my first batch at the range today, and got 5 duds out of 100 or so.

I'm less than thrilled with my first experience using Wolf primers. I don't recall seeing any that didn't have anvils, they were loaded flush with the bottom of the case. I'm using H335. These are the new formulation that are a thicker cup and a little hotter than the magnum. I read someplace there was a problem igniting H335 with the regular SRP or something like that.

I gave each more than one strike to see if that did anything for me, but no dice. I was using 24 grains of powder, using a lee single disc and the largest hole. I've got a dual disk setup too.

I'm not sure what could've gone wrong, really. I cleaned the primer pockets, there was a clear hole into the case.

Maybe I needed a little bit bigger charge to ensure contact with the primer? I stored the rounds nose down, maybe that was the problem?

I guess there * could * be oil contamination, as I didn't tumble the cases after de-capping, but jeez, I didn't think there was *that* much oil in the neck, but maybe enough to kill a primer!

Anyway those are my things to look into. Unfortunately I already primed 900 more cases LOL so I'm stuck with whatever results I get with those. It's just practice ammo so it's not the end of the world but I'd like the stuff to go bang.

Anyway those are my thoughts of things to check or do, before blaming the Wolf primers themselves. I've never reloaded rifle before, so what do I know. I guess the length and whatnot were OK as I had no feeding or extraction problems.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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