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Safe Neighborhoods
We need to do more to prevent gun violence. For example, we can require ballistic fingerprinting and integrated locks on all handguns sold in California.

We need to fund more community-based policing so that police can connect with the community where they serve. This will provide officers with a better understanding of the issues in that community, and the social services available to address their needs.

We need to reform our criminal statues. We should

Restore protections to our children which would prevent them from being prosecuted as adults;
Eliminate the three strikes rule by putting the issue back on the ballot;
Emphasize rehabilitation for first-time and minor offense offenders; and
Provide good support services to parolees to help them secure jobs and housing when they have finished serving their sentences.
The key to violence and crime prevention is education. Study after study shows that crime levels will drop if we invest in quality education from pre-school through college, make educational opportunities available and accessible to our children, and provide a safety net for youth and families in crisis.

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In 2010, Skinner raised $860,336 in contributions. [11]
Her four largest contributors were:
Donor Amount
Electrical Workers Local 302 $15,600
California State Council Of Service Employees $15,000
AT&T $13,800
State Building & Construction Trades Council Of California $11,800

2008 campaign banner
Below are Skinner's top 5 campaign contributors in the 2008 election:[12]
Contributor 2008 total
CA Medical Assoc $10,800
Northern CA Carpenters Regional Council $10,800
Electrical Workers Local 595 $9,700
California Federation of Teachers $8,200
Electrical Workers Local 302 $7,200
All comments are solely for educational purposes and are spoken in a hypothetical manner. The poster follows any and all statutes, codes, mandates, etc to the letter of the law.

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