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I've used mine on hundreds of cases. I do about 50-100 at a time. That's all I can stand to do at one sitting.

I kinda have the hang of it. Honestly I think it'd work better on a drill press, I'm using a drill and it's hard to be consistant.

It's not as idiot proof as I figued. You can trim to much. The drill is freaking loud. I spray brass(but not fling it all over, it's OK). I have to trim, pull the brass off and measure, then put it back in. Again, working on a drill press may clear that right up.

I think it's probably as good or better than any other method(not that I have lots of experience!)

Oh! You don't *have* to chamfer/debur the cases. I choose to because they're razor freaking sharp if you dont', and I've already cut my hands to ribbons on these things.
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