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My boobs are fake, i had larger ones a while back, and when I went for a job change i was able to acc better fitments. Whats her sizing? Honestly soft armors like uspalm are ok. But yes far from ideal to heavier and bulkier plate carriers. But peeks my interest, why does she need heavy hard armor? If its typical home break in soft is good and price point doesnt hurt.

For home i have a piggy rig. Theres a few sites like skd you can shop for. Use a larger plate then her body. Im really small. So yes using larger plate is a good idea however you need to add padding not just for comfort but also help it ride/fit better.

Originally Posted by stingray4540 View Post
Can plates be made in shapes other than flat? Maybe this would be a decent niche market to get into? Why couldn't you make formed plates and carriers?

I'm envisioning something along the lines of a spaghetti strap tank top my wife has. The cups are foam and preformed. Her boobs just fit inside, and if she was too small for it, they would maintain there shape, she just wouldn't fill them. If that makes sense. So why not make carriers and plates in this manner? I don't see why you couldn't make women specific armor, just like they do clothing.

Is there just not enough demand? Wouldn't be profitable?

P.S. Not sure how I ended up in the women's forum. Sorry for butting in ladies.
I fit everything fine. Just had to buy bigger then myself to accom my chest. It isnt a big deal. Honestly though if cost is also an issue. Try uspalms offerings. Ive given some as gifts to a few friends. They are good to go.

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