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Bang bang Calgunners, Hey I'm just following up my closed thread "denied and depressed". After having an Escort MA SA Tac2 delayed for 4 months then finally Denied, I caved in and got a refund from Big5, thanks to them for not charging a restocking fee. But, I feel its partly their fault because they 1st sold me a defective weapon, which was approved and I brought it home, but when I returned it and had to re-DROS for the replacement, thats where I was delayed 4 months, then denied.
Also they (Big5) made a mistake on their (DROS) form and just crossed it out instead of starting a new form. I now have heard that any mistakes on DROS forms will cause scrutiny. I have bought 5 other guns and was a registered "armed security officer", all approved by the BoF and the "Bureau of Security and Investigative Services".
So, I'm bummed out, won't say depressed, as that might imply some mental problems.

But, now I'm wondering whats next. Are they going to try to confiscate my other guns? Will they prosecute me for owning guns when they denied me because they say that I'm a felon? Don't know if you remember, but I was arrested 45 years ago for a youth drug offense, got suspended sentence, did summary probation, paid a fine, got felony reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed.

Also wondering if BoF can be sued for malice of job performance? Its that same annalist thats been on vacation and has caused grief to many other
DROS applicants. My gut feeling is that she is new and that others were covering for her. The same voice that was on all their phone messages.
Again just my gut feeling, but when she called me to inform of my delay, she had to ask other annalists and finally a supervisor for support and conformation of her decision. All this made me feel that she was a secretary and newly promoted to annalist because of BoF's heavy work load.

Hey, what has been done to me has already been done. I'm just hoping that some of my feelings might help some other member that can afford an attorney and might somehow stick it to the BoF for their lousy job performance.

I understand that I'm new here and don't deserve any consideration, but I do feel that the BOF needs to be spanked as they are way, overstepping their job duties.

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