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Hey Folks...

It certainly looks like there is quite a bit of interest in attending a cnc build in the Sactown area...but not so much for hosting the event as yet.

Seesm on the forums can help you mill your lower's more expensive than using the cnc machine but your host is a great guy, very knowledgeable, and you will leave with a lower you'll be proud to own.

tuma702 in the Chico area sounds like he is planning monthly builds but it is quite a drive .... although this may be the ticket.

Jason_2111 is the man to see in the San Jose area...but his events seem to fill up fast and then there is the drive as well.

I was contacted by a builder who was in the process of planning a party in Rancho Cordova...but the event has not been posted publicly so I won't mention his name. He would provide the place and machine for a very reasonable price but the caveat is you would have to purchase one of his billeted forged paperweights. This might be the way to go if you have not purchased your forged lower yet.

I will certainly let you guys know if I hear anything legit that is not posted in this thread...keep responding with your wants and maybe this will encourage somebody out there with the knowledge and equipment to get this rolling.
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