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Default Parents of Young Calgunners

This is in response to a thread started by another member in regards to price gouging and how we should take care of each other. If you've purchased a .22lr youth rifle or 10/22 for your kid within the last 7-days or up to 12/27/2012, I have 1 free box of M-22 or Blazer (50021). There is only 1 available so please be on the up to ensure a deserving family can share the wealth.

****FREE 500rds of .22 AMMO******
1. Mothers/Fathers who've made a recent purchase for their kid.
2. Purchase was between December 16th and 25th.
3.Local only FTF (Orange County, CA)
500rd of Winchester M-22 or 500rd of Blazer (50021)
Parent communication only.

AdditionalOffer from CSACANNONEER (***Recepients: Fate and Family****)
Originally Posted by CSACANNONEER View Post
Mind if I jack the thread by offering the same to any parent of a kid 14 or younger who got their first .22 this Christmas? I'll even throw in a weekend day plinking cans and steel at my place outside of the SCV. Of course, the catch is local pick up by an adult ONLY.
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