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FightingCB 08-02-2013 12:01 PM

The diffrence between .223 or 5.56 NATO
This is probably a dead issue for some :facepalm: but I want to pass on the information that I know since I have been in the military for 22 years now and my AR and M4 have been my companion for 20 years (the first 2 was a M14):oji:. I have made quite a few AR's and love them dearly. I have seen the question partially answered and wanted to get this info out for you. The difference between the two depends on the rifle! If you have a rifle chambered for .223 then the lead (The Lead is the measurement from which the rifling starts on the barrel from the breach) on that rifle will be .085" if you have one chambered in 5.56 NATO then your lead is .162". Therefore if you use a 5.56 round in a .223 rifle the lead is so close that the projectile will be forced out right at the rifling of the barrel and create high pressures that either 1 your casing will fail or 2 your bolt could fail or the worst 3 your upper receiver will fail and in my opinion all are bad juju!

If you are chambered for 5.56 then all is good. This is why you lose accuracy and velocity when using the .223 in your 5.56 chambered AR. that little gap gives just a bit of wobble and that takes away your twist and pressure when using 223. That is why when one person put it you can use the 223 for targets but leave the 5.56 for zombies. Another point is that the casing is thicker in 5.56 than a .223 for pressure reasons. Another thing that was brought up is the lands and twist, I prefer that if you are chambered for 5.56 use the 1:7 this gives optimal velocity for your average 55 grain if you have a .223 a 1:9 is optimal for the same reason velocity. Even though I have no evidence to that as of yet but that is my opinion. I will try that in my next build. Thank you for your time.

The Bubble 09-10-2013 5:43 AM

Easy one.... Throat specs are different, 5.56 is generally light AP, the 5.56 has a little more powder, and from the technical point- the 5.56 exerts 15,000 more PSI on average than the remington 223. In lamen terms, a chamber spec to 5.56 will be cut slightly different but will be able to handle the hotter round. A 223 camber CAN hold 5.56, but in the long run, why risk hurting yourself and others around....

The rifling choice is dependent on what weight round you will be using.

Carpenter 409 02-11-2014 12:29 PM

Anyone know the difference between 223 Remington and 223 Wylde? I see White Oak Armament offer upper and barrels in this caliber.


TacticalPlinker 02-11-2014 2:14 PM


Originally Posted by Carpenter 409 (Post 13415259)
Anyone know the difference between 223 Remington and 223 Wylde? I see White Oak Armament offer upper and barrels in this caliber.


It's essentially a hybrid of the .223 and 5.56 chambers. It's much like what the Mini-14 uses from Ruger. You can use either .223 or 5.56 in a .223Wylde chamber, much like you can use .223 or 5.56 in a 5.56 chamber.

RedMonkey 02-11-2014 2:58 PM

Give THIS a read.


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