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artherd 12-20-2007 1:05 AM

Milpitas Lowers are BACK BABY!

Nearly 2 years after they were siezed, amidst much controversy, 219 hotly contested firearm components have been returned to their rightful owners.

Thanks to the combined efforts of members of, a web forum promoting individual rights, unlawfully taken personal property has been returned to it's rightful and legal owners.

Participants must undergo yet another 10-day waiting period, as these harmless looking chunks of aluminum are still technically 'firearms'.

This is yet another example of what good people can do when we come together openly and honestly. I thank you all for your continued support, and look forward to what 2008 will bring.

All Milpitas Group Buyers are cordially invited to a release party early Jan 2008, date and venue info will be distributed.

Thank you to the following, without your help:
Scatch Maroo
Rob Blank, RMB
Gene Hoffman
Jason Davis, TMLLP
Chuck Michel, TMLLP
Paul Kestryll
Bill Wiese
Matt Corwin
All the rest who must remain nameless.

EDIT to add:
One small step for Off List Lowers, one giant leap for mankind.

RMB Enterprises. 1000 Jacklin Road. Milpitas, CA 95035.
Phone: (408) 946-5289. Fax: (408) 946-5378.

The SoCal Gunner 12-20-2007 1:10 AM

Great news for the OLL movement and for the owners of the lowers.

FEDUPWBS 12-20-2007 1:22 AM

HELL YES! Score 1 for freedom!

REDHORSE 12-20-2007 3:37 AM

Congrats! Great news. :D

All 219 OLL receivers should get a custom laser engraving. ;) They have some 'history' behind them.

Stanze 12-20-2007 3:42 AM

Longest waiting period ever.

M. Sage 12-20-2007 4:18 AM

It's a Black (rifle) Christmas!

Three solid wins. Can it get better? :43: We're on a roll. Heller is next!!

Santa Cruz Armory 12-20-2007 4:23 AM

This is just another jewel in our victory crown this year!! I'm proud to be part of all this.

Well done!!!

Creeping Incrementalism 12-20-2007 4:25 AM

Funny, I was just thinking to myself, "I've got one more year to decide what kind of an upper I want".

Ben, do you have any details on RMB's preferred pickup "procedure"?

Thanks again for all your help and going through a ton of BS to get us lowers.

NoTime2Shoot 12-20-2007 5:01 AM

Holy smokes!

You'll have them in TWO (working) WEEKS! :p

adamsreeftank 12-20-2007 5:02 AM

I can't believe my babies are finally coming home.

Some of my friends said it would never happen. Boy are they going to be surprised when I show them my new toys!

artherd 12-20-2007 5:02 AM

per rob- please call and make an appointment OR you can try your luck on an intermittent schedule from 9a-3p

If you have bought or sold an interest in a lower please have Both persons come in, and bring a photocopy of a valid bill of sale.

Tell your friends that when Ben Cannon says something is going to happen, it happens!

boogak 12-20-2007 5:05 AM


tenpercentfirearms 12-20-2007 5:27 AM

Wow, that is great news. Good job Ben.

Gene, do you want to buy some Superior Lowers now?

Wulf 12-20-2007 5:42 AM

2 Weeks = 2 Years

DOJ makes dogs seem human by comparison.

artherd 12-20-2007 6:04 AM

wes, funny you mention those... Give me a call.

aileron 12-20-2007 6:06 AM


Originally Posted by Stanze (Post 891858)
Longest waiting period ever.

No kidding, congrats guys.

Sgt Raven 12-20-2007 6:09 AM

Ben, will there be a reference list kept so in the future someone could check that they are in fact buying one of these ‘historic’ lowers? ;)

Fjold 12-20-2007 6:09 AM

Way to go guys. Very well done! Congratulations!

artherd 12-20-2007 6:22 AM

sgt raven, I am thinking of puting together a classic-car style registry

lazyworm 12-20-2007 7:09 AM


Now that it is done, can you share the back story of the fight?

69Mach1 12-20-2007 7:12 AM

Congratulations, that's great news. What are the details of the release from BOF?

Scorpiusdeus 12-20-2007 7:12 AM

Congratulations guys. Congratulations to us all and many many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

I think this proves that CA is NOT a lost cause as some others seem to believe.

Sgt Raven 12-20-2007 7:22 AM


Originally Posted by lazyworm (Post 891952)

Now that it is done, can you share the back story of the fight?

Yeah, when can we hear all the gory details?

Kestryll 12-20-2007 8:18 AM

Copied to the 2A forum for better exposure.

Very cool, this is turning out to be a darn good December!! :D

Cobrarlc 12-20-2007 8:21 AM

Great Job Ben! Thank you for fighting the fight. Thank yous and lifted drinks to all involved as well. Merry Christmas to All!

soopafly 12-20-2007 8:32 AM

Congrats guys!!! It's been way overdue. about all the details...

double_action 12-20-2007 8:34 AM

Great news!

Good things come in threes . . . First BWO, now this . . . what's next?

Boarding-Team-Leader 12-20-2007 8:38 AM

Great news,,,, Never doubted you guys for a minute.
Now I have to send a letter to the agents who seized them and thank them for keeping my lower safe for me all these many months. I think we should send a, Milpitas Group Buy Photo Holiday card to A.M et all. Just to let them know that we legal firearm owners are harboring no hard feelings towards them.....:rolleyes:

OK maybe not.

eeeeek 12-20-2007 9:09 AM

Free at last! free at last! Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster Almighty, we are free at last!

Red_5 12-20-2007 9:11 AM

More good news! Great job to everyone that helped make this happen.

JCG 12-20-2007 9:16 AM

A great Dec. without a doubt. Great news

Noypi916 12-20-2007 9:22 AM

Congrats to you guys!!! :) So will this continue and be retailed soon?

hoffmang 12-20-2007 9:36 AM

I'll post the docs later, but here is a basic background from my point of view allowing Ben to comment on some of his details separately.

I acquired the interest in 2 Lauers from other CGN members. I filed for a LEGR on my two lowers that I got back in mid July of this year. I engaged Don Kilmer to and filed the LEGR and a pleasant request for release of those lowers directly to me pursuant to the law in late July.

We hadn't heard back from BoF so we sent a less pleasant demand (including a threat of legal action) but it turns out that our demand and Alison Merrilees' response crossed in the mail. She claimed that because I didn't own the lowers when seized I couldn't claim my own property. She also tried to claim that I couldn't get them back because they weren't registered in AFS (read a handgun or an AW) which is just laughable.

We responded asking telling her she was wrong on the law and demanding to know why she was claiming that long guns were registered in California. We then told her that we would accept her transferring the lowers to an FFL of mutual convenience for final transfer to me and gave her seven days which was the end of August.

We didn't hear anything back and began drafting a lawsuit for violation of my due process rights under the 14th and 5th.

Alison, under pressure from us and from TMLLP on Ben's behalf, finally sent a letter in mid September stating that she was closing her supposed investigation and instructing Ben to tell BoF where to send the lowers.

Due to some crazy schedules (try co-ordinating two law firms and two busy entrepreneurs plus an FFL :D) it took us some time to get the pickup arranged.

Yesterday (Wed Dec 19) Don Kilmer and the Milpitas FFL drove to the BoF training center in Rancho Cordova and picked up 219 off list lower receivers. A small group of us got together for a celebratory steak and to plan some more new trouble that we'll be talking about in the new year.

Merry Christmas Calguns!


Choptop 12-20-2007 9:45 AM

Funny, I was just wearing my "Evil but Legal" shirt the other day... perhaps I heard a whisper in the wind about 3 new firearms coming home with me.

WolfMansDad 12-20-2007 9:50 AM

I love it! This has been a good week.

wutzu 12-20-2007 9:52 AM

This is great news. Score another one for calguns.

rssslvr 12-20-2007 10:06 AM

Ben,Gene,While I don't have a dog in this fight I just want to thank you both for standing up for the rights of gun owners in our state and sticking it to the BOF and letting them know that gun owners will no longer be pushed around and will fight for our legal right to own these rifles.Thank you both very much

Jicko 12-20-2007 10:12 AM

The "Case dismissal of Matthew Corwin" & the "Return of Milpitas Lowers" bounded to be the 2007 HIGHLIGHTS of and the BEST X'mas present for us all.



phbiggs 12-20-2007 10:20 AM

Outstanding news!! You guys fought a tough clean fight through to the finish and you are (not that we didnt know already) the winners!

My hats off to all you guys!

Sgt Raven 12-20-2007 10:24 AM

Ben, Gene are you going after them for legal fees next?

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