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JohnnyMtn 05-25-2013 9:49 PM

Turner's Oxnard Rocks!
Visited Turner's in Oxnard for the first time today to purchase an M&P 15. I have to say that I am fully impressed with that store.

I usually visit the Reseda store and sometimes go to Pasadena too. I live in Santa Clarita so Oxnard is just a bit farther than Reseda, which is why i decided to pay it a visit.

i was impressed at how big the store was. Plenty of inventory and ample space to display it all. And what a pleasure it was to walk right in an immediately get service. Don't get me wrong - everyone at Reseda is great but those wait times just to talk to someone are ridiculous. That doesn't seem to be an issue in Oxnard.

Joshua was the sales person who helped me. That guy is all about being a professional and does a great job with helping the customer.

I will definitely be visiting Oxnard again. If you are in the Valley and frequent Reseda I would even suggest that you drive 20 minutes farther north and give Oxnard a shot. The extra drive time might actually be less than the wait time to have your number called.

Thanks again Turner's Oxnard.

GM4spd 05-29-2013 1:58 PM

Oxnard store is really nice,easy to get to and easy parking. Good staff
who are very helpful.I've bought 3 rifles since January. Pete

dinosaurus 05-29-2013 2:48 PM

Was helped by eric today, great guy. Steve is awesome as well. He helped me with my sig.

remusrm 05-31-2013 8:57 AM

i agree, been there and was impressed too

TylerDurden 05-31-2013 10:08 PM

It's nice to see that all the Oxnard employees are posting on Cal Guns!!! Just kidding, I love the Ox it is worth the drive and the staff is top shot! I've dealt with Al for a shot gun and he was nothing but professional. Now where is all the ammo?

TylerDurden 05-31-2013 10:51 PM

I heard that the firearms department manager for the Oxnard store moved to Reseda to help out for a few months. So bring some of that Oxnard greatness to my favorite L.A. gun store. And of course..get some ammo!!!

Rhythm of Life 06-01-2013 12:57 AM

TO is 26 miles from reseda and its another 20 to Oxnard.... either you were hitting the gas hard or enjoying a beer to many.

That said Oxnard told me today CA dros has increased to $30. I suggest someone inform them dros is $25 regulated and that they tack on a $5 dealer fee before they mention that to the doj.

Still way better than reseda and ill be by soon to buy another rifle.

ke6guj 06-01-2013 7:01 AM


Originally Posted by Rhythm of Life (Post 11481273)
That said Oxnard told me today CA dros has increased to $30. I suggest someone inform them dros is $25 regulated and that they tack on a $5 dealer fee before they mention that to the doj.

Turners as a whole knows that DROS is $25 and that they charge a $5 dealer fee. I've bought many firearms from them and it is properly documented on the invoice that the state DROS fees add up to $25 and that there is a separate $5 dealer fee. they even have those fees posted on the wall showing the break down.

now it is possible that a particular salesperson was ignorant of the exact breakdown of the fees.

BuckshotBob 06-16-2013 9:24 PM

I've purchased 2 guns from Turner's in Oxnard so far and everyone is always very friendly, even when I'm just looking around!

82fb 12-27-2013 1:32 PM

Just another happy customer at the Oxnard store. Waited about 3 minutes to get a sales girl. Forgot her name, but pretty Hispanic girl with a little scar on her cheek. Quick service and personable.

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