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MountainFF 03-12-2013 8:18 PM

Legal help / resources
I know someone in a job that had someone in his department become aware he had a ccw. This person that noticed pitched a fit and now this person I know, has been written up by his supervisor for carrying despite the fact that the supervisor that wrote him up was aware and ok with him carrying for the past few years! What legal resource can the person i know turn to and what course if action would you guys recommend?

Dvrjon 03-12-2013 8:35 PM

Depends on the an example, if he's post office, he's broken federal law. If he has a union, the shop steward needs to be contacted. If not,

Your friend needs to have the supervisor state in writing what specific condition of employment he has violated. Is it published in the personnel handbook? When did it take effect? When was training conducted?

If he doesn't want to alert the boss, he might be able to make inquiries through the HR office.
This isn't legal advice.


MountainFF 03-12-2013 8:50 PM

Thanks jr
Nothing takin as gospel
Just looking for ideas n more seasoned advice

MountainFF 03-13-2013 4:40 AM


JEFF5 03-13-2013 5:41 AM

If its a private business the boss can do almost anything.

Is this a private business? Because if so a ccw doesn't really have anything to do with it. He had a gun on the property of the business. In a private business you can carry as long as you have permission from the business owner/manager with or without a ccw.

There is no real damages here. A warning not to carry anymore. Sounds to me like his boss is trying to stop any lawsuits from the person making the complaint (unsafe work environment) and doesn't want to have issues with EDD.

Porkqpine 03-13-2013 7:04 AM

Agree completely.

MountainFF 03-13-2013 4:19 PM

Thanks for input guys
Have to let some things play out before I can post more specifics
The damage is my buddy won't be able to carry....

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