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ch47gunner 03-08-2013 6:05 PM

Two more 22's
Recently picked-up two more .22's.

The Colt Huntsman 6" I've had for about 3 months and she shoots like a dream. I also got lucky with the George Lawrence holster, it was in the LGS junk box. For 5 bucks & a bit of shoe polish, I scored.

The Browning AS-22 I picked-up just yesterday, I've been in the market for one of these for a while, this one just fell into my lap. It is a Japanese made one tho, I had an opportunity to purchase one of the Belgian made ones at the same shop I got mine. But, the Belgian included the carrying case and was twice the money.


Colt Huntsman 6" w/ George Lawrence holster

Browning AS-22

rimfired 03-08-2013 6:13 PM

Very nice scores, how do they shoot?

Tank 57 03-08-2013 9:15 PM

I've only heard good things about the Japanese made Brownings.Congrats on both.Wouldn't mind having either one in my collection.

jyo 03-10-2013 6:32 PM

Two REAL NICE 22s you got there...

ronrichards64 03-10-2013 7:33 PM

One of my shooting friends had a Huntsman , He used Remington Thunderbolts in his , The Huntsman is a Woodsman with fixed sights. Great pistol you did well.I have a 3rd model Woodsman that I bought 20 years ago.

redcliff 03-10-2013 8:06 PM

Gorgeous, nothing like nice wood and blued steel in my book!

ch47gunner 03-11-2013 11:09 AM

Thanks all,

I've shot the Colt but not the Browning, accurate & smoooth to say the least. Now I don't feel so bad about Wifey liberating my MKII.

The Browning is so cool, semi-auto designed by J.Browning over 100 yrs. ago, doesn't have a detachable mag, holds 11 rds. in the tube, & breaks in half.


beerman 03-11-2013 2:46 PM

Very nice guns,thanks for sharing.

morrcarr67 03-11-2013 6:25 PM

Very nice. 2 of JMB's best designs.

bsg 03-11-2013 8:11 PM

i love the Colt long-time.

congrats on both.

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