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marksolar 03-01-2013 4:33 PM

wife let strangers in garage _- safe & ammo
I'm freaking out.

I got home from work today and there is a large dining room table sitting in the middle of the garage. This thing had to take at least 2 guys.

Well, about 5 ft. away, in plan site, is a very large gun safe and +++ ammo
in cans and boxes. My ww2 jeep is also in there with all kinds of vintage stuff.

So, I had movers hanging out in my garage.

I'm thinking my odds of getting hit are about 75%. I'm wigging here.

Just paranoid ???? :mad:

JoshuaS 03-01-2013 4:34 PM

Very paranoid. Chances are nothing will happen, though situation is not ideal

Jeepers 03-01-2013 4:37 PM

live in fear much ?

manuelcardenas77 03-01-2013 4:37 PM

Hope you have a house alarm!

slopoke 03-01-2013 4:39 PM

Unless you live in a place where you don't have neighbors close by, or your garage is located behind your house, I would not worry about it.

AragornElessar86 03-01-2013 4:40 PM

Were they a professional moving company? If so, very unlikely that they will do anything, and if they do, you (or the cops) should be able to get their info from the company.

MrExel17 03-01-2013 4:40 PM

Thats sucks! Cameras and alarms are your friend. Doubt anything would happen but you can't be to careful.

The Geologist 03-01-2013 4:40 PM

Just keep one of the "Equalizers " handy and anchor the safe.

xoutxkastx 03-01-2013 4:41 PM

paranoid. those movers could be good people just trying to make a living. having a dog would be a good deterrent. also setting up a video camera with web access might ease your mind.

DVSmith 03-01-2013 4:42 PM

Brew a big pot of coffee, arm yourself and sit in that garage for the next 72 hours straight. After that, you are probably safe...


As stated, not optimal, but not likely an issue either.

Maltese Falcon 03-01-2013 4:43 PM

Where they the cheapo "Home Depot" movers or some guys from a reputable furniture store?

Time to get wireless motion sensor alarms.


TeddyBallgame 03-01-2013 4:47 PM


Originally Posted by AragornElessar86 (Post 10687540)
Were they a professional moving company? If so, very unlikely that they will do anything, and if they do, you (or the cops) should be able to get their info from the company.

this is true, but, there are instances of companies hiring people who aren't above casing places for a later hit...most likely they were honest people just living an ordinary life like the rest of us...I wouldn't read too much into it

Loubot10 03-01-2013 4:49 PM

You got nothing to worry about...
For about a week.

The movers are probably good guys....
But their buddies who they'll be drinking with this weekend are bad, very bad.

Nah, just kidding.

marksolar 03-01-2013 4:49 PM

No, not professional. The Table was bought at a cosignment place and the lady gets locals to help her deliver / pick up / transport.

No, I don't live in fear, but after reading the rip off stories on this site, it gives me pause.

I think I'm getting cameras ..... can't hurt and might help.


KON5T 03-01-2013 4:51 PM

where do you live?:p

Maltese Falcon 03-01-2013 4:53 PM

Get this and add sensors (It takes up to eight).


jonc 03-01-2013 5:03 PM


tuolumnejim 03-01-2013 5:14 PM

Was that your place, nice jeep. :43:

Gryff 03-01-2013 5:32 PM


Were they a professional moving company? If so, very unlikely that they will do anything, and if they do, you (or the cops) should be able to get their info from the company.
Seriously? Have you worked with moving companies much?

These people are not Ivy League graduates who have been subjected to an intensive battery of tests to determine their moral fiber. These are minimum wage joes. Many are decent people, I'm sure. But a good many more are interested in advancing their economic status through questionable methods if they can get away with it.

I'm not sure the OP really is over-reacting.

knucklehead 03-01-2013 5:36 PM

That's a no no in our house. No body goes into the garage.

Just the other day I'm at my dads and in the garage and my wife leaves quick not telling me there is those home improvement guys coming. I had my back to him. He kinda steps in. We have a privacy curtain deal hanging from the garage. And instead if saying something from out front. He walks beyond it. I get pissed and walk towards him. And he's trying to explain what's he doing. While I'm trying to scoot his *** out. He's barley moving. I finally get pushy and start walking him out while he's trying to tell me why he's there. Don't walk into our garage.

I tell him not interested and that's it. I call my wife out and ask her why she left like that without telling me there coming up. She says she thought I saw them. NO... I didn't. I always walk out to people before they he to the garage. Way to much money in tools in there.

Man I could imagine a safe in our garage. We live on somewhat of a Main Street with a stop sign right in front of our drive way. People always stare in our stage. So we out up a privacy curtain. People still stare. Ny dad covers up his huge snap-on tool box and still gets paranoid.

My mom/sister/wife know NOT to let ANYBODY in the garage at all.

vintagearms 03-01-2013 5:36 PM

God, its amazing how many tin-foil wearing paranoid delusionals we have here. They were movers. Get over it!!

Granite 03-01-2013 5:41 PM

You can put c-clamps by the rollers to stop the door going up. Plus, other ways to prevent garage robberies...which are on the rise. Look up YouTube and garage robberies.

Put a beware of dog sign as well.

You should have sensor lights by now, or solar.

Always expect to be robbed, always have levels of security. If it weren't that way, we'd all be talking of fishing.

Raider888 03-01-2013 5:41 PM

Your wife didn't mention to you about the delivery?
She should have covered the safe and ammo.

russ69 03-01-2013 5:43 PM

The garage is no place for a gun safe. That's where you store all the crap you don't want (lol). The safe goes into the mans room, inside. Don't have a mans room? You'll need to talk to the boss about that one.

rplusplus 03-01-2013 5:44 PM

Forget the movers...

The main issue is to talk to your wife about security.

The best alarm, safe, passwords, etc... are usually undone by bad OPSEC.

Oh and +1 on getting a dog.

scrat 03-01-2013 5:47 PM

Pics of said garage and jeep :)

russt 03-01-2013 5:50 PM

Don't worry about it. More than likely nothing will happen.

CSACANNONEER 03-01-2013 5:59 PM

You really need to post your address here. That way, any calgunner in the area will know to keep a lookout for anything unusual. It might be good to post your schedule so that everyone will be extra vigilant when you're not home.

marksolar 03-01-2013 6:02 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I am moving the safe into the house. The reason that has not already been done, its a big sucker, and I have to remove 2 door frames to get it in.

on the plus side, that will make it harder to get out after I rebuild.

2 beers and i've settled down a bit.

Now, where's the Crown Royal ..... M

SilverTauron 03-01-2013 6:04 PM


Originally Posted by vintagearms (Post 10688051)
God, its amazing how many tin-foil wearing paranoid delusionals we have here. They were movers. Get over it!!

If I wanted to steal IDs, I'd get a job at a restaurant or bank.

What better way to case a home then to literally be invited in?

Its all paranoia until your gun collection ends up jacked. By then its too late.
IMO, the OP should change the location of his firearms in the house ASAP, and all occupants should prepare for uninvited company at all times. Lately scumbags have taken to hitting places in broad daylight in midafternoon.

monk 03-01-2013 6:11 PM

Not unreasonable to be wary of people knowing about what you have. It's not just the movers you have to think about. What if they tell their friend who just got out of lockup about this guy who had stacks of ammo and guns?

Manolito 03-01-2013 6:20 PM

The professional movers are probably safe. Where the rub comes is them talking to friends and children. You should have seen the size of this gun safe this guy has and a vintage jeep with lots of antiques. This is how the bad guys get the information.

sephy 03-01-2013 6:23 PM

The movers probably won't do anything.

I will give a recommendation though. I know of people who have taken refrigerator boxes and cut the back off to create a slide-on cover for their safes. If yours will fit in one and you can't move it in the house then think about this. At least deception is one extra layer of protection.

BTW, rock on with that Jeepers. My brother and I put a 50's Willy's back on the road a few years ago with a Chevy V8. It was pretty cool. I know deep down he always wanted the unmolested WWII variety though, as to I :)

SocomM4 03-01-2013 6:42 PM

I suppose you've never opened your garage door since you got the safe?
Garages are dumb places for safes. Closets, spare bedrooms , hell even a bathroom is better.

Pablo5959 03-01-2013 6:48 PM

I guess your going to have to move into the garage, Lock and load. Are you sure the wife didn't do that on purpose?

DPmax 03-01-2013 6:53 PM

You're screwed, they will take everything!
You should also start divorce proceedings right away.

Full Clip 03-01-2013 6:58 PM

Have a talk with the wife about OPSEC.
(BTW, nice garage!)

marksolar 03-01-2013 7:00 PM

I keep a bed cover draped over the front. From the street you would not know. I am also super vigalant when I open door.

Its not going to matter in a couple of days .... the safe will be in the house ( and the door frames will be dismantled ).

If I had a clue how to post a pic, i'd do the jeep. It's got a pedestal mounted 1919a4 ( semi ) and is like a time machine 1942.

.22guy 03-01-2013 7:07 PM

Personally, I would also be worried that your wife let these guys in. They could have done her some harm.

Mp5marley 03-01-2013 7:13 PM

Unmounted/anchored safes in the garages are a treat! + icing on cake if thugs can back up into your garage and dolly it up their uhaul, Cha-ching!!!

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