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awkwardninja 02-25-2013 8:18 PM

Folding front sight issue (KAC)
I purchased KAC micro front and rear buis (200-600m). I haven't taken them to the range yet, but first impressions from handling are that the rear sight seems great, but the front sight can be adjusted far too easily. I am used to the standard A2 fixed front sight post that takes serious effort to move. I want to zero my rifle and not mess with it much after that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would you mark the sight when you have it zeroed? Should I try taping it in place? I'm worried that it will move when I'm not paying attention to it.

dieselpower 02-26-2013 5:50 AM

Never used it, but I found it hard to believe a piece of KAC gear comes like this. Call them, it could be defective. Shake it violently, see if the sight moves.

nitroxdiver 02-27-2013 4:30 PM

Zero it, then mark it with a small white witness line through the little adjustment wheel. The adjustment wheel does move fairly easy turning them with your finger, but never had one move on its own. Great choice of sight!

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