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Quicksilver8907 02-20-2013 2:46 PM

Help me Guys M&P22 vs Sig with 22 Conversion
So I am having a tough time deciding what to get. I want something that I can take to the range and practice cheaply, but I also want something that can be used for home defense. I fired a bunch of guns at the range, I personally liked the Glock 17 the best, but my wife had lots of FTF when she used the 9mm and above guns. I think it was due mainly to her "rifle" stance, which can definitely be trained out of. She really wants to get a 22, so I debating between getting the S&W M&P 22, or getting a Sig with a 22 conversion kit on it. This will be my first ever gun purchase, so I want to make a good choice. I also don't want to spend a ton of money. I was hoping to stay around the $500 mark, but I am open to ideas. Thanks guys and sorry for asking so many questions.

samsigsauer 02-20-2013 3:15 PM

the MP22 only comes with one mag...I like my MP22 very much easy to reassemble and clean...

I bought a conversion for my sig and sent it back because it did not fit properly...

RaceDay 02-20-2013 3:28 PM

I looked at the Sig conversion kits a couple months ago but decided against one because of the mixed reviews. I have the CZ conversion kit which is awesome and figured I would convert my 228 but passed.

lordres 02-20-2013 3:28 PM

In my experience with both, they suck. Get a Ruger, or a Buckmark.

Sabian722 02-20-2013 3:31 PM

you already own the Sig? because getting a sig plus the exchange kit to 22 is gonna cost you a lot more than 500...

Elysium 02-20-2013 3:33 PM

Hi Quicksilver,

I have a P228 with a Conversion kit and it's extremely reliable, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, then the SigSauer with a conversion kit is out of the question. Sigs are $700 plus, then add another $250 and another $80 for additional magazines.

Start with the M&P22 CA and build from there.

Happy shooting!

jewboy929 02-20-2013 3:37 PM

The conversion costs as much as a 22 pistol. Go for the M&P.

samsigsauer 02-20-2013 3:40 PM

I saw your other post regarding looking for a MP22 in the central valley..Try Tracy Rifle and Pistol...They just posted on their Facebook page having them in stock...

SILENT GUNMAN 02-20-2013 9:20 PM

If you like the SIG the .22 cal mosquito might be right up your alley. They sell new within your price range and shoot pretty nice for how inexpensive they are. Last one I saw at my LGS a few months ago went for $350 new. The Ruger mk3 is a great gun but can be a nightmare to clean. If you like the m&p 22 they are around you just have to look. I saw one in San Luis today but its probably farther than you want to drive to get one.

madoka 02-20-2013 9:26 PM


Originally Posted by Quicksilver8907 (Post 10593341)
I was hoping to stay around the $500 mark, but I am open to ideas.

Funny you should ask; I just took a pic of two the guns you're considering:

That's a P226 and I got a .22LR conversion for $240 and added another $80 worth of parts from Sig Power to make it usable. Give the cost, I don't think that setup is within your budget requirements.

The M&P 22 has Dawson Precision fiber optic sights which are very bright. I think the gun is approximately $370 an the sights were $80. So that's probably the way you should go.

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