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Viper49 02-16-2013 7:07 AM

Truckee Hobart Mills shooting area

Sorry folks. I have to cancel the April 20 clean up day. I have something comes up that I need to taking care of. The May clean up day is still good for Me.

Shooting at Hobart Mills two weekends ago, Sheriff and Forest Ranger stop and talk to us and some other folks there. They said that we need clean up and take back what you bring out to shoot, especially the cardboard boxes, cans, tanks and shotgun shell hulls. Otherwise they will close the place down soon. Also, would like to do some cleanup at the range, anyone?

Philo Beddoe 02-24-2013 9:46 AM

Assume much couldn't be done until late May. I could lend a hand, but not available until August.

When are you planning to do this?

dbogin 02-24-2013 6:25 PM

I'd been in for a trip to Hobart.

Maybe bring some brauts/burgers for the grill, spend a couple hours filling up trash bags, and a half hour shooting paper.

Somebody organize this thing! :D

XVIga_Rob 02-24-2013 8:48 PM

If you get it scheduled/organized, and I have the day off, I'll be in. Deffinately do not want to see the place closed.

ski_g0d 02-24-2013 9:16 PM

I'm in. Name the date and I'll be there :thumbup:

Jet Setter 02-24-2013 9:54 PM

Let me know also. I would be OK to drive up and help. Also, can anyone resend me directions on how to get there. Would be nice to check it out one weekend. Thanks.

Viper49 02-25-2013 8:44 AM

Hobert Mills
The Hobart Mills shooting area is North of Truckee, You take Highway 89 heading toward Sierraville, it approximately 5 miles North on Highway 89. If you heading north and pass over a bridge and about 150 yards you will see a right hand turn. Take the right hand turn and you will be on Hobart Mills Road, continue and following on this road for approxitely 1.5 miles and the range will be on the left hand side. Right now the place is wet and I like to do it sometime in mid April 20 or May 27 at around 10am. Thanks for all the reply from you all. :)

ski_g0d 02-25-2013 7:26 PM

April 20th works best for me. Thanks for setting this up... tired of people leaving garbage all over the place. Hope to meet some local calgunners as well!

mud99 02-25-2013 8:10 PM

They can close it down all they want, people will just shoot elsewhere in the national forest, they have literally no say in the matter. It's better that all the trash be kept in one area.

I will go argue with the rangers about it the next time I am up there.

Anyway, I'd be happy to help, but April will likely be too early, I would plan on early June, as snow and permafrost will make cleanup problematic.

FYI this is a very active shooting area, on the weekend it is very likely that people will be showing up to shoot while everyone is cleaning up.

After we clean this range up we should clean up Prosser range as well, last time I was there it was pretty messy.

If anyone has a dump trailer I think that would be ore appropriate given the amount of trash

CSACANNONEER 02-25-2013 8:16 PM

I haven't been up that way too much in the last few years. But, I do shoot at Boca and Prosser when I'm up there. If I happen to be at the lake when you guys plan any cleanup, I'll try to make it.

XVIga_Rob 02-25-2013 9:09 PM

I'd recommend both dates, incase the 1st date does not work (weather, etc.). I travel through Truckee on a regular bassis and do a fair share of my shooting at both Hobart & Bocca, and do not want to see either area shut down. I'm making plans to be available for both dates.

Maybe one of the local C3's could help organize this clean-up.

Viper49 02-26-2013 6:33 AM

Hobart Mills
Good thought, can we stay with the two days that I had posted for April if wealth is permitting and start at 8:30 am or 9 am and if this don't works out I will update this post to show the new days. Most the shooter doesn’t show up until later. I did talk to the Truckee Ranger office and I don't want to quote the lady's name, but she is ok for me/us to use their dumpster to put the trash and recycle item in. Not sure where the Presser range is is located. Is the range along the old Reno road and Dog Valley Road to Presser Lake? We can schedule something for that too and I am willing to help. ;)

XVIga_Rob 02-26-2013 7:33 PM

I like those two dates, with a 9am start time.

dbogin 02-27-2013 9:50 PM

Draft plan ..... Draft plan .... Draft plan .... Feel free to edit.

WHO: NorCal Volunteers.
WHAT: Cleanup at Hobart Mills Shooting Area.
WHEN: Target dates are Saturday, April 20th and/or May 25th, start time 0900.
WHERE: Hobart Mills Rd, take hiway 89 North from Truckee ~4 mi, then east on Hobart Mills Rd ~1.5 miles, range area on left hand side of road.

5-10 responsible CalGunners,
5-10 large trash barrels,
2-3 pickup trucks, and trash/dump trailers,
Work clothes, work gloves, rakes & shovels trash bags,
Portable grill, brats, burgers, lunch fixings, beverages.

I don't have a trash trailer, but would gladly cover dump fees for at least one of my CG brothers, that's if we cannot use FS dumpster.

mud99 04-18-2013 12:14 PM

Bump to start this rolling

pro_mano 04-20-2013 7:32 PM

I went this evening and did some cleanup in the form or raking all of the "things" there in to piles and I will be working more tomorrow. If anybody is available I would love if you showed up. I have been using a leaf rake to make piles and i will continue that tomorrow then shovel the piles in to some container which I have not quite figured out yet, if somebody that could come has a wheelbarrow that would be nice. We can then bag everything and leave it on the curb and when the garbage man drives by on tuesday he will grab anything that is sitting there. What I have done so far looks really nice and I'm surprised a how effective such a small amount of work is. Don't be overwhelmed by how messy the place is. Each of us really can make a big difference very easily.

Viper49 04-21-2013 6:22 AM

After all I was able to show up at Hobart, but I was late there late like 9:30am. I pick up 3 big bags of trash and then someone local pickup the 3 bags of trash and dispose them at his work place. I will try to be there around noon again if that OK. :D

Viper49 04-22-2013 5:13 AM

Worked with Pro Mano and some shooter there at the range with shovel, rakes and garbage can to pickup trash, coke cans, shotshell and varies shell casing piled them on the side. Hope we can have someone with a pickup next time to move them. Thanks Pro Mano for all the help;)

Then we have some fun shooting with together overall is a very productivity day. Whoever those folk are. THANKS:D

Watching the Dark 09-04-2013 3:12 PM


Originally Posted by Viper49 (Post 11150007)
After all I was able to show up at Hobart, but I was late there late like 9:30am. I pick up 3 big bags of trash and then someone local pickup the 3 bags of trash and dispose them at his work place. I will try to be there around noon again if that OK. :D

That was me. Nice to meet you Viper 49.

I was out there again last week. Could use some cleanup. I carried a bag and some splintered boards away. I stop by on occasion and will cart off anything that is bagged.

Viper49 10-09-2013 6:46 AM

Truckee Hobar Mills shooting area
Thanks and it was nice to meet another Calgunner. :D

Pauliedad 07-20-2015 3:02 PM

Clean up anyone?
Hi guys,

I discovered this place today through word of mouth and while I couldn't stay to shoot or clean up, I thought I would scout it out. I pull up and there's a gentleman there raking and bagging. I stop to see what he knows and says he's been coming for a while and always tries to leave the place better than he found it. Very impressive. After I get home I start Googling this place and find this thread.

Not sure if there's many Calgunners near this place but I'm going to be getting out there this week to do a bit of shooting and clean up and thought I'd revive this thread.

If anyone else is interested, I'm also in for mid August for a Calguns shoot and clean up.

malfunction 07-22-2015 8:51 PM

Post up the details if there's a clean up, I'll join if I can.

Glockrocks 07-23-2015 7:38 PM

Interested as well depending on date, my 2 seater doesn't have much room to haul away stuff, but I will help with cleanup efforts.

ROrr 08-08-2015 8:30 AM

It looked pretty clean a few days ago. Most the trash is raked up in piles at least.

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