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smittty 02-11-2013 9:44 PM

M&P 22 love the gun hate the grip
I think I need some advice from you guys. I love my new M&P 22 pistol but the grip just dosen't work in my hand. I'm an experienced shooter, even matches so I can tell (once I shoot a gun ) if it doen't fit my hands.

The swell in the grip is what I hate about this pistol. If it was flat I think it would be perfect.

So here's where I need your help...should I modify the gun or should I sell it?

Thanks in advance,

sd_shooter 02-12-2013 5:54 AM

I'd sell it.

You'd better plan on keeping it once you modify it.

Paperchasin 02-12-2013 6:38 AM

Can you be more specific? Grips too large or too small?

Izzy43 02-12-2013 7:22 AM

Look for after market grips if you like the pistola.

kayaker55 02-12-2013 5:15 PM

I've always rented / shot a pistol before deciding to buy it. Tried a few newer .22 pistols before choosing my M&P .22. I learned many years ago that a pistol is like a woman - she fits or she doesn't, and any attempt to change things usually doesn't work. Just ask my soon-to-be ex.

smittty 02-12-2013 7:07 PM

There isn't another gun in its class IMO. Full size, light weight, reliable, affordable. The other gun I considered is the Kimber 1911 rimfire target but at 3x the price I never seriously considered it. I think if I sell it it will be a long time before I find a replacement. I guess I'm keeping it.

I'm building up the nerve to flatten the swells in the grip. I need to think thru each step so I don't screw it up.

Thanks for your replies.

MasterrEugene 02-13-2013 11:00 AM

oops I voted "modify it" before I read your post. After I read your post, I thought you should sell it.... or whatever..

super_chief 02-13-2013 3:39 PM

i own one and dont mind the grip.

it's fairly cheap and it works great. better than a lot of 22 offerings out there from what i read

i'd opt to have it done by a reputable individual. consider it a small investment of sorts, and if the job ain't half bad i'm sure you'll be able to sell it retaining most the value that can be expected.

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