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Black Widow 02-11-2013 2:50 PM

Charter's "Lavender Lady" ??
Have any of you seen or shot this?

I saw it at a local shop and I admit it, I thought it was 'pretty.' Now, I never have said that about weapons before... I don't want it to look like a toy, but this one isn't plastic and pink, so that's a plus. They apparently do make it in a rose color as well, but it appealed to me. Probably the size. Just curious if this is a 'gimmick' or if it's reputable. (Can't always go with what you read on the company's website, you know?) The man who owns the shop had no real information, neither did any of the women there, they sort of admitted they only had it there because they thought it might make the wives happy while the men shopped. *sigh*

Charter Arms Website: Lavender Lady

BigMac 02-11-2013 3:00 PM

I sell alot of them... when I can get them.
I sold one as a backup gun for a cop I know because it matched the lining of her purse...

Hold it tight and it should be OK. They are lite, so some recoil is to be expected. Fortunetly the grip is actually pretty big so it wont be unmanagable.

We sell them but have not fired them ourselves..

movie zombie 02-11-2013 3:10 PM

good god, a 12 oz snubbie!

not for me: been there and done that.......and almost did not pick up another pistol!

give me metal, real steel, thank you.

my s&w model 60 snubbie is twice the weight and all metal yet still small and light compared to many other guns:

and i prefer to practice with .38 rather than .357 with it!

imo, this is not a "first" pistol for anyone!

yikes, my hand hurts just thinking about it!

[got quite the reaction out of me, didn't you, BW?! i cannot begin to tell you my shock the day at the range when i was renting guns to try out for purchase. the air/light weight was the first one and i almost left in tears. glad i didn't! screwed up the courage from deep within myself and continued on......]

snap-dragon 02-11-2013 3:36 PM

To be honest, it looks a bit gimmicky to me. Imagine the look on the bad guy's face if you confront him with that, he won't believe you mean business :P

MigNoche 02-11-2013 4:08 PM

Ooh! I will have to show that to my fiance. Maybe it will help her get into guns

movie zombie 02-11-2013 4:37 PM

Mig, that gun is guaranteed to make her HATE guns......if she ever fires it.

better a heavier gun and change out the grips to something colorful.

BonnieB 02-11-2013 5:51 PM

Looks like it could be a little snappy at .38 cal, but it is way cute. Everyone here knows I'm a real junkie for anything teal. Sometimes I stare at one of my Glocks, thinking "cerakote in teal"....:cool2:

hartref 02-11-2013 6:17 PM

I have a Ruger LCR which is comparable in size to this and I love it. Yes it is snappy but I can shoot it just fine. I originally looked at the pink Charter but the LCR won me over.

movie zombie 02-11-2013 8:39 PM

ruger lcr [.38] = 13-13.5 ounces.....believe me that extra ounce and configuration of the grip could make a difference. or you have hands of steel! and congrats for finding what you like.......ruger really is a better manufacturer.......

i see it comes in a that could be fun!

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