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rm1911 02-10-2013 6:09 PM

F'n walmart
so, I'm looking online last night for .22lr. checking usual stops. maybe, just maybe. check wm. clicked a few choices and then local availability. finally, the site says either federal or remington (or winchester), it really don't matter. I need plinking ammo, take the kids to the range ammo. feeding a 10/22 with tech sights.

so it's almost 8:30PM. I know the WM 3 miles from my house puts out ammo at 830, but they are OoS. but the store with availability is only 10 miles from me. no problema. call up, but they shelve theirs at 12 midnight. when they close. oh well. but the lady says they should have it out in the AM.

I arrive at 630, within 20 minutes there's 5 of us. froze our asses off too. we all head back, I'm the only one seeking .22lr. cool.

shelves empty. guy goes back, pulls out a cart with many sealed cases. 7 mag, 30-30, 30-06, 300mag, etc. damn, when did dfg set deer season to early february??

but, no .22. no 556 either, so we were all pissed. especially since the web site said in stock.

now it gets better. go to WM's website tonight. guess what? they aren't listing ammo. go check for yourself. no links, where last night there was. search for "30-06" and yeah, ammo pops up in the results. search for .22lr and no ammo shows.

but they still list .22 rifles they sell, tacticool ones too. and the bastards also have a colt carbine listed for sale (when you search "5.56").

wife doesn't like WM. she loves target. I shop WM all the time, and like it. maybe now not so much anymore. this kinda s*** really pissed me off. I get a screw up on inventory. except WM is the inno-f***ing-vator of inventory management and knows damn near the exact number of 10pack socks on its shelves, by color too. it's legendary for that. and they f*** up ammo? please.

some knob-gobbling p/t manager harked it all for himself to resell for 3x???

then they delist their ammo?

f***ers. think I'm gonna have to shop elsewhere. I should like "target" right?

hylander 02-10-2013 6:12 PM

I was just trying to find 22 ammo at WW web site and you can't search for 22 ammo anymore :confused:

Brandon04GT 02-10-2013 6:14 PM

I hear ya....but you ought to feel lucky that you got an ammo carrying Walmart within a few miles from you...

Where are you located?

rm1911 02-10-2013 6:25 PM


Originally Posted by Brandon04GT (Post 10491215)
I hear ya....but you ought to feel lucky that you got an ammo carrying Walmart within a few miles from you...

Where are you located?

santa clarita. north part of los angeles. in the county, not city.


I was just trying to find 22 ammo at WW web site and you can't search for 22 ammo anymore
you can search for .22 but no ammo comes up. they removed from the database search, and there's no link on side for ammumition any more.

tiller 02-10-2013 6:38 PM

Theyre out for you man!! Watch out

tiechshlime 02-10-2013 6:42 PM

The walmart in my area almost never has ammo. Called them a few days ago and the lady tells me they're expecting more .22 in June! :confused:

Bill Carson 02-10-2013 6:43 PM

I find it funny that you think that Wal-mart employees and/or managers have reliable information. They do not know what is on the truck until it arrives.

cwilliams 02-10-2013 6:50 PM

I had searched ammo using their online tool and it had shown the same ammo items in stock for weeks when they clearly weren't (the .22 you were mentioning) I honestly do not think it was being updated at all, or the supply was running out so quickly that it never had the chance to be.

When it WAS working before the panic, I found that it was usually a day behind. I would go when it said out of stock and the exact ammo would be in stock. Check online the next day and it would then say in stock only to go visit that same day to find it out of stock. It was never real time in my experience, and my experience was with the three stores in the Santa Clarita Valley.

AR22 02-11-2013 6:38 AM

My local one finally did get it "some" rimfire yesterday. About 20 boxes of CCI .22 mags and about 20 100 round boxes of CCI CB Shorts.. I am sure that is all gone today. Still no Bulk I have seen since late last year..

The employees can check warehouse stock and see what they have coming into their particuliar store and amounts ordered but it usually says 0 in the warehouse.. My buddy runs the Sporting section and he checks it all the time for me..Just not any coming in.. Before the shortage he could always tell me approximitley the day it was going to be in the back, but not on the shelves.

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