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Paraclete comes 01-31-2013 5:19 AM

Ar-15 machining services and jig rentals
Hey gents, spintech/superior metal out of riverside is doing the build parties now. mondays 5-7 and saturdays 8-2 but you need to make an appointment. you can contact them at 888-550-7746.

Something I have never seen and they are offering is jig rentals, which is kinda cool. You can rent a jig for a week for like 40 bucks, you do have to leave a deposit but they said its fully refundable, once they get the jig back. so if you wanted to knock out your lower at home, boom you can with out buying a jig. Not that you could find any right now anyways. But the lowers are in stock apparently and more importantly you can bring your own and machine them.

I have seen a few guys asking to machine and wanting to mail in, etc, etc. you could rent a jig have it mailed to you, complete the lower and mail it back. that way your keeping it legal and having a good time.

Paraclete comes 03-19-2013 7:59 PM

BOOM, build parties this saturday. These guys are building there website and logo/brand for calguns, smftactical. Build parties by appointment only and week day service is an option by appointment too.

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