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audiophil2 01-28-2013 8:20 AM

My latest toy. Wilson Combat Spec Ops 9
Bought this one yesterday. No 10 month wait because the original owner needed the money when he ordered it last year. The gun shipped in to my FFL a week ago and I kept haggling on the price. It is brand new unfired. Only handled by me and the FFL.

A used one sold on gunbroker a few days ago for $3200. I have not seen any others.

Wilsons site:

chozenfew805 01-28-2013 2:25 PM


Firerescuebatt07 01-28-2013 3:03 PM

wow, big time score! congrats! enjoy her

M3likechips 01-31-2013 10:16 PM

:( so jealous...

MrExel17 03-22-2013 8:47 AM

Super Jelly!!

BoJackUSMC 03-22-2013 8:49 AM

Ahhhhhhh I want one......

usmcpheart 03-24-2013 12:05 AM

congratulations! shes lovely

den888 03-24-2013 6:58 AM


ghost 03-27-2013 7:59 AM

nice addition to the collection!

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