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BrianRodela 01-25-2013 10:43 AM

XDM 5.25 with all the goodies!!
I figured I'd post pics of my XDM and installed the following to it;

PRP Ultimate match trigger kit and polished all components and surfaces(Very well worth the time and money!!)

Tungsten insert Guide Rod

Polished the ramp and chamber of barrel

Polished the striker safety and striker sear contact areas

Springer precision grip tape

PRP Patriot magwell

PRP grip safety

stippled the backstrap

Most of the installation was pretty easy as long as you took your time and had a good resource to refer to(youtube, 2 thumbs up). If you have a fair amount of mechanical comprehension, I recommend trying it yourself. I used a punchset from Springer Precision and the polishing tips for my dremel tool and diamond honing stones. Stippling was done with a fine tip on my soldering iron. Remember, go slow, take your time and polish, dont grind.


LuisJr 01-25-2013 1:19 PM

It looks awesome!! I've always had a fair amount of interest in one.

ExtremeX 01-25-2013 1:33 PM

I’m a big XD guy… 5.25 is something I’d like in my stable as well.

Nice pistol.

BrianRodela 01-25-2013 5:41 PM

They are a very nice pistol with a lot of nice features however the only complaint I have with them is the trigger; it's like a corvette with great interior, paint, wheels and finish but then they make it a hybrid! The PRP trigger is a phenomenal improvement, the rest was just because I wanted to. Thanks for the replies.

egpost916 01-25-2013 5:50 PM

Nice.. Love to own a XDm one day. Especially the 5.25.

BenjaminCA 01-28-2013 3:37 PM

That's all I needed to see to confirm my next pistol purchase... Thanks for posting.

chozenfew805 01-31-2013 12:02 PM

Very NICE!:thumbsup:

EvolutionGSR 01-31-2013 12:05 PM

Now if only I could find one of these for sale.

maxmonster 02-06-2013 2:20 PM

Not a fan of xDs but man I gotta be honest thats the sexiest xD I've seen. :thumbsup:

BrianRodela 02-07-2013 5:32 AM

Thank you Max, and there are plenty of great looking Glocks out there too!

Firerescuebatt07 02-07-2013 5:58 PM

I'm a huge fan. very nice taste

BrianRodela 02-10-2013 8:09 AM

A few more of my Uncles XDs with the work I did last night. Did the stippling and polished the feedramp, chamber, sear and srtiker assembly.

Foxsweep 03-17-2013 7:23 PM


Kingofthehill 03-20-2013 4:02 PM

What light is that? I like it.

I have 3 XDm's including the 5.25 (amazing competition gun) and the XDs... That light looks like it would be just perfect on the XDs

BrianRodela 03-21-2013 7:42 AM

It is a Crimson Trace Railmaster. They have the same model in a laser that is even smaller. Very nice operation with three modes, constant, pulse and temporary and has switches on both sides.

Sac-AR15 03-21-2013 7:58 AM


Originally Posted by BrianRodela (Post 10485668)
A few more of my Uncles XDs with the work I did last night. Did the stippling and polished the feedramp, chamber, sear and srtiker assembly.

Very nice. Can I drop mine off for you to work on? :D

MrExel17 03-22-2013 7:07 AM

Dig it!

saiga410 06-28-2013 10:54 AM

very nice job. to your knowledge since the dxm uses a 16 round mag. and you live in ca. can you have the mags if you are a retired Leo?? just asking

SNCaliber 06-28-2013 11:08 AM

great looking gun, been trying to find one forever! what kind of light is that?

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