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gwiz 01-22-2013 9:28 AM

Best way to finish an older handgun
I have a .22 pistol that I am thinking of restoring. I do not like the blued steel finish since it is delicate.

What is a good option that will be sturdy, chip-resistant, and matte black?

Do you know of any good places in so-cal to get this done?

Thanks for your help

Dark Mod 01-22-2013 9:33 AM

Dura-coat, Cera-coat, parkerizing, theres lots of options out there. You dont see many blued guns these days, i personally love blued guns.

All of the other finishes are much more durable and come in matte black.

redcliff 01-22-2013 10:21 AM

What type of .22lr pistol is it and what do you use it for? My blued range guns look like new after more years than I care to admit due to always whiping them off with a silicone treated gun cleaning cloth after handling.

Obviously drawing from holsters or carrying in holsters a lot will cause blueing wear.

gwiz 01-22-2013 12:20 PM

its a ruger mk2 standard barrel - but i take it to the desert and get it all mucked up. also its a tight fit and i have to beat the heck out of it with a mallet to get it back assembled. i want something durable that wont rust in wet weather and can handle getting banged up

bsg 01-22-2013 2:19 PM

have you considered picking up another shooter and selling this one to someone who will appreciate it as is? perhaps a stainless model would better fit your needs.

gwiz 01-30-2013 6:45 PM

I entirely agree with you bsg. I only buy unblued guns now but this ones just an old one. Want it?

CamW 01-30-2013 9:56 PM

Check with Dave's Metal Works in Covina,626-859-0299. He offers Cerakote,hard chrome and bluing.He has several shades of black Cerakote. Armorer's black is matte,no shine. Midnight Black looks like a satin blue finish.
Here's a link to his Cerakote page.

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