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agent014 01-22-2013 8:32 AM

Please Write Sheriff William Gore
All, as most of you have already heard, there are a number of Sheriff's from all over the country writing Vice President Biden to tell him that they will not enforce any unconstitutional laws in their Counties. There has even been a letter from El Dorado County Sheriff John D'Agostini.

I decided to write the following to San Diego County Sheriff William Gore:

January 21, 2013

Sheriff William D. Gore
San Diego County Sheriff's Department
PO Box 939062
San Diego, CA 92193

Dear Sheriff Gore,

My name is Paul Bauer, and I live with my wife and two children in Escondido. As you are no doubt aware, since the horrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, many politicians are seeing this as an opportunity to further an agenda by attacking law abiding citizen's right to bear arms protected under the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

It has come to my attention than many Sheriff's in other States, and even Sheriff D'Agostini of El Dorado County (See enclosed copy) have issued letters to Vice President Biden reminding him that when they were elected they took vows to protect and defend the Constitution, and would not be pressured into enforcing unconstitutional laws and provisions.

I am writing you today as a citizen living in your County asking you to draft a similar letter to Vice President Biden. I truly believe that the weight of your office, and others in your position will have a strong influence on politicians, and perhaps you and your colleagues can persuade them to do the right thing.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter, I know your time is valuable.

Paul D. Bauer

I invite you all to write similar letters to Sheriff Gore. My letter alone is not enough. I also printed out a copy of D'Agostini's letter to include with mine when I mailed my letter to Sheriff Gore. If you don't know what to write, feel free to use what I wrote above as a template.


jnojr 01-22-2013 1:31 PM

Bill Gore was in charge at Ruby Ridge. So you can bet he'll zealously enforce any and all federal regulations, no matter how unConstitutional, and no matter how many American citizens must be killed or imprisoned. He's carrying on a long, proud tradition by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department to see to it that average citizens are unable to get CCWs to be able to defend themselves, all while he, his cronies, and his political contributors enjoy the perks of power.

TKM 01-22-2013 1:40 PM

Save your ink.

The Hero of Ruby Ridge doesn't waste his time with us.

agent014 01-22-2013 2:23 PM

Damn. I did not know this...

CoxInYa 01-22-2013 7:54 PM


Originally Posted by TKM (Post 10285726)
The Hero of Ruby Ridge doesn't waste his time with us.

Yes it's true. However I truely hope you get a personal answer of some type and the guy doesn't just use your letter for butt wipe.

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