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Just-in 01-19-2013 8:37 PM

Online police report.
I walked outside this morning to go to work to find my car window broken out. What bothers me the most is one, there was nothing to steal it was empty and the radio stolen last month. Two it was unlocked because it's a pos 89 broken locks... Need I say more?. Window broken car unlocked the whole time nothing stolen, being the second time in two months I figured maybe get a report for the insurance in case something else happens ill have records. My city dept. says they do reports online with no suspect info, is this commonplace now? Are they reviewed by anyone or just filed digitally?

My hopes by reporting is the an officer may pass by from time to time I am now growing concerned about my home. I am leery of my neighbors now, they socialize with each other more than I do with them. Being my vehicle was the only vehicle on the whole street touched I have a bad feeling something just feels bad. I don't want to pass judgement on people but I have a bad feeling.

When I fill the report is there anything that may come of it? Should I bother or just replace the glass and continue saving to move? Thanks for any advice.

CaptMike 01-20-2013 5:15 AM

The squeeky wheel gets the grease. Report it even if it just online. You have to understand that because of budget cuts, most departments allocate the limited resources where they are needed most. Since a broken window is a low priority, most departments will not send an officer out to take a report. You may have to come to the station or file one online.

The reason why you should file it is that most departments are keeping statistics about crimes that are being used to allocate those limited resources. If their is a spike of vehicle break insin your area, the watch seargent may increase the patrols in that area. The squeeky wheel...

If no one reports anything, then in the eyes of the department, their is no crime and resources can be sent somewhere else (no grease).

Good luck

4DMASTR 01-20-2013 6:16 AM

Someone pried the lock out of the door on my Mustang to get in (wish they would have broke a window instead) and took nothing. Couple Weeks later they got in my Escort and got off with a flashlight,clean change of clothes, and a flask. They left a bag of tools, car parts, couple dollars I had in the glove box though. I filled out an online report for that and never heard anything. Last weekend woke up to my neighbors car sitting on 2 flat tires and the exhaust cut up from them trying to get the cat. Modesto P.D. Semt a community resource officer when they called.

delta9 01-20-2013 7:42 AM


Originally Posted by Just-in (Post 10260426)
I walked outside this morning to go to work to find my car window broken out. What bothers me the most is one, there was nothing to steal

That sucks. Same thing happened to me twice

Armed24-7 01-20-2013 8:14 AM

File the report anyways. Most police departments keep track of statistics and crime trends. If they start seeing a continuous problem in an area, they usually increase patrols or have special teams start working the area to catch bad guys.

Online reports bother me because untrained citizens really are not qualified to determine if a crime has actually been committed and also are not familiar with crime elements. Also, this makes it easier for someone to pull insurance scams if they wanted to. Finally, when people call the police for help, they expect to get a live, breathing police officer.

I have been to quite a few calls where someone alleges a certain type of crime has been committed, but upon further investigation, it is either something completely different or not a crime at all.

On the flip side, it might shorten response times for more important calls for service. Certain departments have such horrible response times, it is a wonder they ever catch crooks.

Just-in 01-20-2013 10:25 AM

I never thought of the false report spin on it. I did figure the budget poses a problem, and an 89 Honda missing a stereo one week and a broken window another isn't a top priority. Insurance fraud definitely isn't my motive, my deductible is more than the car :smilielol5:

Thanks for the responses.

Just-in 01-20-2013 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by delta9 (Post 10263033)
That sucks. Same thing happened to me twice

My boss used to joke with me over my broken locks that if something's going to get jacked at least my windows won't get broke. Hah fml... Lol

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