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Shanghai guy 01-19-2013 2:47 PM

WTS: Chinese SKS
Make: Norinco

Model: Type 56 SKS semi-automatic rifle

Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm

Location (city or county): Pasadena (alternate Claremont, where I work)

Price: $225 SPF

Will ship (Y/N): No

Other info: Overall fair condition with all-stamped and matching numbers. Unusual "56" markings on receiver in lieu of Mandarin characters. Bore is bright and shiny and the rifle shoots well at 100 yards (I got 4" groups with Prvi Partizan FMJ ammo but my eyesight sucks due to age). However, rifle has the following minor probs:

1. Follower sometimes doesn't feed reliably as you empty the mag, although I'd imagine a decent gunsmith could correct that. I don't have enough experience for that.

This carbine saw heavy use somewhere, and has small areas of scattered pitting around the woodline and lots of dings, scrapes, and scratches all over the wood.

3. Gas tube is lightly pitted from its former life in China using corrosive ammo.

4. Metal finish is turning to patina in some places.

5. Stock has minor cracks on either side of receiver cover and also behind the bayonet channel.

First unconditional "I'll take it" posted here, gets it. Please PM with any questions, and thanks for looking. :)

Rickrock1 01-19-2013 3:13 PM

pm sent

mbaerg 01-19-2013 3:38 PM

Sending pm

Rickrock1 01-19-2013 3:41 PM

I''ll take it.

As described

Bassmaster101 01-19-2013 4:43 PM

2nd in line

lugee 01-19-2013 5:07 PM

put me in line

inmysites 01-19-2013 9:02 PM

ya, il take a number

stitchnicklas 01-19-2013 9:55 PM

have cash and a c&r ffl,will pay full price..

put me in line also...

hated 01-19-2013 10:16 PM

I'll take it.

appagohm 01-20-2013 1:32 AM

in the off chance that the other above do not buy, I'll take it.

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