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fredridge 01-16-2013 10:36 PM

Are these still good?
]A friend gave these to me the other day, came from an old friend who was a prepper

db42 01-16-2013 10:46 PM

Any idea how old they are?
If it's been kept in a cool dry place, Chicken TVP should last up to 20years.

sfbay 01-17-2013 4:16 AM

Are those real?

Gabriel80 01-17-2013 6:48 AM

antique preps!

fredridge 01-17-2013 7:24 AM

If I had to guess I would say they are from the 60's.

No dates on anything. I have a box of them. They are definitely real and I wasn't talking planning on trying them, except maybe for dun

Decoligny 01-17-2013 8:53 AM

This is what I could find on the web:

Peter J Phethean Ltd
363 Cliffwood Park Street # C
La Habra, CA 92821-4106
Phone: (714) 990-5524

ExAcHog 01-17-2013 9:08 AM

Not knowing how they have been stored for the last 30 YEARS or so...I would NOT eat them. The down side is just way too high. IMO

fredridge 01-17-2013 11:19 AM

Anyone making a bomb shelter museum?? :)

Jet Setter 01-17-2013 11:56 AM

Worth keeping IMO. I am sure the Dehydrated PB is still good but not sure about the chicken. If SHTF, it might be worth opening to see if it is edible. No sense throwing it away. Might be a museum piece one day.

fifT7 01-17-2013 6:43 PM

That's good trade if shtf. The next guy doesn't need to know it is poisonous.

Vlad 11 01-18-2013 2:19 AM


C'mon now, you got to open at least one of those and show us.

ExAcHog 01-18-2013 11:11 AM


Originally Posted by Vlad 11 (Post 10242666)

C'mon now, you got to open at least one of those and show us.

^^ Please???

fredridge 01-18-2013 3:57 PM

Out of town will do it in a few days when I get back to the office

Whoneedsafety? 01-18-2013 4:02 PM

I'll try them-

Gabriel80 01-18-2013 6:39 PM


Originally Posted by Vlad 11 (Post 10242666)

C'mon now, you got to open at least one of those and show us.


OIFVet03 01-18-2013 10:19 PM

I have no idea. I would eat it if my life depended on it though. Personally it looks like a last resort to me but that is also way older than I am.

ireload 01-20-2013 6:59 AM

I'm sure that the nutritional value is very low by now. I have dehydrated food items in nitrogen flushed cans made by Ready Reserve when I use to sell them (distributor) back in the 90's and they are nearing 18 year mark. I've opened some of the #2 1/2 cans through the years and are still edible. Nutrion wise, who Let us know when you get back and has opened a can. An after action review would be nice.

Gabriel80 01-23-2013 7:14 AM

open em up! Let's see the pics of that old chicken! LOL!

kaligaran 01-23-2013 10:15 AM

That chicken is actually textured veggie protein.
I did a quick google and found some sources that say it's good for 5-7 years which seems really low to me. Perhaps canned it would last much longer. At least I would guess. :)

Gabriel80 01-23-2013 5:06 PM

Open up them old carrots!

stix213 01-23-2013 6:00 PM

I suspect they are safe to eat, but have lost all their vitamins, etc.

77bawls 01-23-2013 6:53 PM

I wouldn't eat the chicken because of the MSG. That's a good way to get a mild headache for a day and a half.

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